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Natalie Dias
12 San Francisco, CA

Cynthia l Marquez
33 Tampa, FL

David Weeks
32 New York City, NY

Katie Mollison
19 Select One

Yordan Carballeda
20 Miami, FL

Tredell Sanders
23 Orlando, FL

Courtney Banfield
14 Houston, TX

Brian troch
49 Chicago, IL

Elle Flowers
37 Philadelphia, PA

Ashley Burgess
25 Washington, DC

Brianna Watson
24 Louisville, KY

Tabatha Jones
27 Portland, OR

Brennen Jackson
22 Houston, TX

Carlos Butler
33 San Diego, CA

Brandon Badder
25 Detroit, MI

Kathy Frasure
35 Atlanta, GA

Cody Ward
28 New Orleans, LA

Brooke Villone
28 East Pittsburgh, PA

Sarah Kral
15 Baltimore, MD

Kharee Mitchell
4 Dallas, TX

Liz Santana
25 New York City, NY

Steven Dunleavy
25 Philadelphia, PA

Mignon Ashley
22 Houston, TX

Sabryn Haskins
14 Baltimore, MD

Taylor Melloy
21 Louisville, KY

Amilya Lesha
36 Atlanta, GA

Eric Thornell
35 Austin, TX

Shanae Salihu
31 Los Angeles, CA

Sasha Matos
26 Austin, TX

Jen Bjorge
29 Minneapolis, MN

La keshia Dawson
19 New Orleans, LA

Pretty Emptage
26 New York City, NY

Yotko Milanov

Tyrell Peoples
24 Atlanta, GA

Erez Bailen
20 Boston, MA

Ishmael Crawford
19 Indianapolis, IN

Rick Branch
48 Washington, DC

Leighane Gonzalez
42 Philadelphia, PA

Victoria Reis
16 Los Angeles, CA

Charles Brummett
49 Little Rock, AR

Dana Bunch
57 Los Angeles, CA

Ashley Cook
21 Memphis, TN

Michai Hanley
21 Washington, DC

Jakeima Rohrbach
24 San Francisco, CA

Yolanda Hairston
47 Atlanta, GA

Ronda Powell
51 Nashville, TN

Bernabe Ramos
11 Los Angeles, CA

Emily Arevalo
19 San Antonio, TX

Antonio Dubose
31 New York City, NY

Lauren Willhoit
22 Los Angeles, CA

27 San Francisco, CA

Kendall Smith
15 San Antonio, TX

Janay Neal
20 Birmingham, AL

Robin Villers
29 Norfolk, VA

Jessica c Lalli
27 Boston, MA

Joe Finster
43 Atlanta, GA

Alphonso Buckner jr.
Washington, DC

Misty Holmes
13 El Paso, TX

Ari Durgin
15 Los Angeles, CA

Anthony Sauro
19 New Orleans, LA

Mary ellen Enos
68 Des Moines, IA

Jordan Clinkscales
17 New York City, NY

Ashley Tubbs
26 Oklahoma City, OK

Christopher Benitt
32 Albany, NY

Serena Wilson
38 Houston, TX

Jovon Quarles
33 San Diego, CA

James Schumaker
22 Milwaukee, WI

Evan Schuller
17 Austin, TX

Gary Ceru
54 New York City, NY

Caitlin Russell
44 Detroit, MI

Laparis Mondy
23 Milwaukee, WI

Robert Mcdermott
27 Philadelphia, PA

Katherine Bizon
17 Charlotte, NC

Shakina brad ham Bradham
28 Jacksonville, FL

Renee Obrien
45 Los Angeles, CA

Bentley Irvine
2 San Francisco, CA

Eva Tezeno
26 New Orleans, LA

Joy Spivey
36 Chicago, IL

Emerald Wilcox
23 Buffalo, NY

Christina Grabski
24 San Francisco, CA

Daniel Driscoll
27 Boston, MA

Emileigh Braden
25 Chicago, IL

Hayden Barrett
18 Birmingham, AL

Aida King
25 Los Angeles, CA

Asia Roker
46 Philadelphia, PA

Roxanne Smyers
61 Seattle, WA

Selina Delossantos
20 San Antonio, TX

Shanice Barnes
24 Dallas, TX

Jordan Brown
15 Philadelphia, PA

Colin Dresser
19 Los Angeles, CA

Pursia Young
20 Norfolk, VA

Kim Lamas
38 Boston, MA

Trevor Atchley
22 Austin, TX

Raina Jackson
3 Las Vegas, NV

Pablo Sanchez
15 San Antonio, TX

Rachel Farrington
35 New York City, NY

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